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Chicago Lock Company - Case History

This manufacturer of thousands of different products was producing just one large catalog. Marketing needed focus, organization and consistency. We built a brand that segmented their markets and categorized their locks based on the level of security provided. We created one consistent brand through the tagline: The Specific Lock Needed for Precisely the Security Required. This worked well. It appealed to OEMs - they knew they could get precisely the look needed for their design. It appealed to Vending Operators - they could get the specific lock needed to secure different locations.

This brand was integrated into all marketing communications.

Results - 2000 Campaign

Revenue Increase
Sales Increase - 2000 $3,733,000
Profit Margin 13.25% before taxes
Gross Profit Increase + $494,622
Cost Savings
Estimate 10% Savings in Printing Cost
(Separate Catalogs, not one large catalog)
+ $8,000
Estimate 15% Savings in Design Costs
(Branding through the consistent use of theme and graphics)
+ $4,500
Profit Increase - 2000 $507,122
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Client References
"Southward developed an integrated marketing and communications program that branded our products and services effectively."

Dale N. Padgen,
Gen. Manager
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