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Case Management Society - Case History

Members of this association manage complicated medical cases. They are the liaison between the patient, doctor and hospital. Often they begin their career as nurses and then continue their education to become Case Managers. We knew their brand had to appeal to a highly educated audience yet be sure to reflect their caring spirit. So we created a look that was both warm and polished.

The tagline:

Listen. (to the heartbeat of health care today).

This was integrated into every marketing piece for the Expo.
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Results - 2002 National Conference

CMSA greatly surpassed industry expectations in attracting a much greater number of exhibitors and attendees to its 2002 event:

Revenue Increase
Attendees +12% Increase
(Industry Expectations: -14%
+ $70,200
Exhibitors +27% Increase
(Industry Expectation: -10%)
+ $96,750
Cost Savings
Estimate 10% Savings in Printing Cost
-Two color prining, not four color
+ $5,500
Estimate 15% Savings in Design Costs
- Branding through consistent use of theme and graphics
+ $3,975
Profit Increase - 2002 $176,425
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Client References
"Southward increased CMSA's member recruitment and retention rates -- and we saved money through a more streamlined sysem."

Jeanne Boling
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