Southward & Associates is small enough to provide personal attention you want, yet large enough to provide the breadth of services you need.

Southward & Associates is a Branding and Design company located in the heart of Chicago.

Fred Southward
Fred personally oversees every project to ensure clients receive the results they expect.
Merry K. Elrick
Vice President
Merry makes sure we meet your objectives, and helps you measure results in meaningful ways.
Jim Carver
Media & Marketing
Jim has delivered innovative media and marketing plans for financial, food, hospitality and manufacturing clients for over forty years. He brings experience and perspective to every job.
Peggy O'Brien
Creative Director
Peggy drives the creative process, bringing fresh ideas and insights to every project. She knows how to get the maximum results.
Leslie Link
Design & Coypwriting
Leslie's skills include a solid background in illustration. This gives her designs versatility and results in more creative ideas for your project.
Rich Moffitt
Project Manager
Rich's design, production and technological expertise saves clients time and money when preparing materials for publication.
Brian Buckman
Web Developer
Brian has extensive experience working professionally in the multimedia industry, both designing and developing video and web packages. He focuses on ways to use technology to increase results.
Al Zurales
Al is experienced with all media. She is a top-notch detail person and a tough negotiator - making sure you always get the best deal.
Andrew Long
Work Flow Manager
Andrew is responsible for scheduling and tracking your projects and serves as your secondary contact. He keeps everything running smoothly and on time.

Client References
Community Savings Bank
"Southward developed a powerful brand that captures the essence of Community. It's given our marketing program a solid foundation for almost a decade."

Dane Cleven,
Southward offers branding, PR, web design, media placement and other services for your advertising needs.

Southward & Associates is the right advertising agency for you.